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All sorts of things that encompass food.

It took me a while to get this blog started - I didn't think I'd have enough time or ideas to plug in here... But boy did the flood gates open! 

I have set up my posts to provide you with as much information about a particular dish as possible - making a recipe less intimidating. I've posted videos to show you exactly how I cook the food. I try not to edit out shots in the video to ensure you're seeing exactly what I talk about in my blog posts. I don't intend to show you the "perfect way" of doing things - I think the best way to be better is to see those mistakes and learn from them. What's the fun in just following a recipe?

 I hope that as you visit my blog that my posts help encourage to flex your cooking muscles. I'd love to hear suggestions for recipes, places to check out, additions to my blog or just plain old ego booster comment =D I invite you to share the results of your cooking from these recipes - so post them up and tag me on Facebook 

The fine print 
While I don't think my photos will win any awards,  I've been asked many times to put a big stamp on it to ensure no one borrows it without my permission. I think I've self promoted enough in this blog so I'm leaving my pics free of eizel-eizel-eizel (ugh!). So here is the quick and dirty: All contents in this site is the property of www.eizels.com, unless otherwise stated. I have spent many hours on each posts,  specially all the media items -  so please don't disrespect that. If there's anything here that you'd like,  please feel free to contact me. I'd be more than happy to share. When using any of my work, please link back to www.eizels.com
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